Automated Disruption Management

Say goodbye to lengthy lines at the service counter, long phone queues, pricey new tickets and the stress of uncertainty.

Our algorithms monitor and predict flight disruption risks. In case of a travel disruption, we automatically and proactively offer travelers alternative flight options, for free, booked with a click of a button.

Zenner travelers get to skip the wait, take an alternative flight (on any airline!), and stay zen about their travel.


Made for you!

Business Travelers: Get there on-time, when it matters. Skip the queues and say goodbye to the nightmares of canceled or delayed flights.

Travel Managers: Be a hero and a lifesaver to your employees. Provide the best duty of care available. Save time and money.

Travel Management Companies: Look after your most important travelers. Earn extra revenue and differentiate yourself from other agencies. Reduce overheads and please customers.

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