VIP travel assistance

Zenner is your very own AI travel assistant that will help you have a stress-free journey – from overcoming flight disruptions to navigating ever-changing health and security rules, and everything in between.

Get real-time notifications about your flight, security, luggage, and immigration, as well as critical information on how to skip the queues and avoid any hassle.

We monitor the skies, detect and predict delayed or canceled flights ahead of everyone else. Feel secure knowing Zenner will help rebook you on the first available flight as a priority traveler.

Proud to empower travellers worldwide

Zenner is the only service to provide 24/7 proactive support for all global travel

Powered by cutting-edge data and AI technology, we provide unparalleled monitoring of flight disruption risks and travel developments, on the ground and in the air

We provide instant and holistic support for the entire journey – with personalized notifications and tips to avoid queues, arrange concierge and handle lost luggage


Delivering value that impacts businesses

Business Travelers: Even if you’re a solo road-warrior, Zenner has you travel like a VIP, proactively looking after you, every step of the way.

Corporate Travel Managers: Zenner is a must-have in your T&E program, making you the hero and a lifesaver to your travelers. Provide the best duty of care available, increase productivity while saving time, stress, and money.

Travel Management Companies and OTAs: A timely and valuable ancillary that has your travelers looked after 24/7. Increase customer satisfaction without overloading your support teams.

Credit Card Companies: The ultimate travel benefit to encourage cardholder loyalty, use, and retention. Cardholders get a delightful card experience, seamlessly integrated with other benefits.

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